David Pickart-Jain was known as much for his contagious smile as for his many academic honors. He was born in 1999 in Eureka California, and was raised with his sister Elyse enjoying the wildlands of Humboldt County. His time spent outdoors nourished a generous, thoughtful, and kind nature. David was beloved by his classmates at Jacoby Creek School and won numerous academic awards, as well as playing a taking part in athletics, especially the JCS basketball team. David was killed on March 10, 2013, just short of his 14th birthday, when he was struck by a car while in a pedestrian crossing. The David Wilder Pickart-Jain Memorial Fund was established by his parents, Andrea Pickart and Peter Jain, with funds contributed in his honor by his family, friends and community. It will award one college scholarship per year, beginning in 2017, to a student graduating from an Arcata area high school.

Contributions are welcome, as the fund will continue to grow and allow for additional scholarships. To contribute, send a check with the fund name to:

Humboldt Area Foundation, 363 Indianola Road, Bayside, CA 95524



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